Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Writer’s Block, Success’ Block, Blocks to success

Writer’s block is a common phenomenon that writers experience. You sit down to write and all you can do is stare at the paper. You even attempt to pen down some thoughts but you find out you keep tearing those pages out, you feel all you have scribbled down is rubbish. There is just no inspiration.

We at some point in life experience success’ block. As a result of painful experiences in the past, we tend to be success shy. There is fear holding us back from setting forth to achieve our goals. We write down the goals but we are scared to take the first step, most times thinking it’s going to be like the last time.

Times when we are afraid or times when we feel sad, abandoned, helpless and unloved we tend to achieve little or no success. Looking at times when we are excited, happy and feel loved, we are often in the “let’s conquer the world” mood and this mood tends to attract success.

The question now is how do we guide against all kinds of blocks? How do we overcome the blocks and go for the success behind the blocks? How do we keep attracting success?

For writer’s block, let go of all the negative thoughts, don’t set too high standards for yourself. Sit down to write what you feel about a topic and don’t initially set out to write the best write up. I am not asking you to write rubbish or not have goals, but often times we tend to set too high goals or standards for ourselves. You want to do better than Shakespeare with your first write up, how reasonable is that?

Go ahead and write the rubbish at first, as long as that gets you to write. Out of your nonsense and scribblings, however, believe that something good will come, a great idea will spring forth, there will be sparks and patterns will emerge. You will always discard some pages and write all over again, it’s alright just keep writing.

Also, move around with a small writing pad and pen. Ideas come to you when you least expect, it might be even be in the loo! Good ideas do not always come to us when we need them. We must learn to catch ideas as they come to us, fortuitously, even as we’re about to fall asleep at night. Then work on your ideas later, develop them and run with them.

For success block, forget about your past failures, take them as learning oppurtunities. Let go of the embarassment and focus on the end result you so much crave or desire to see. Winston Churchill once said success is going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.

You have to overcome all your fears. Deal with the pressure causing the block, illness,depresion, troubled relationship? Seek professional help and talk to someone that can counsel you. Simply discussing the problem or pressure with someone can reduce the effects of the pressure. After discussing with a person who listens, the problem often feels less difficult.

You also need to constantly see yourself achieving what you have set out to do. Ignore the thoughts that tell you “you can’t do it, no one has done this before, you are not competent for this”.
Deal with the false evidences appearing real. Deal with FEAR. Fears are not real. You have to know that fears are most times self created, e.g, I can’t succeeed, people will make fun of me. How did you know this?

Combat barricades either by pulling them down, digging a route through them or finding an alternative route entirely. No matter your decision, ensure obstacles,barricades don’t stop you. These problems, barriers are often there to define us, to toughen us and make us appreciate the success even more after we have it. Barriers, obstacles are situations that must be discovered and scaled through, you must overcome them.

It’s not going to be always easy but the fulfilment you will have at the end of the day when you are successful is worth the troubles and pains. Keep writing. Keep working at it till you succeed.

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