Tuesday, 7 August 2012

The Law of PUSH

PUSH is not a new word or a new concept in motivation. I was in a bus this morning when it popped in to my mind. There is this acronym that is so common, P.U.S.H: Pray until something happens.
From my own point of view, PUSH is PERSIST Until Something Happens. PERSEVERE Until Something Happens.

I am telling you today to press on to the completion of your goals, to persevere until you get the desired result, to persist until you get what you want.

Looking at the word PUSH itself, it means “to try to move beyond or expand” and ” to press or urge forward to completion”.

Persist:To continue to exist especially past a usual, expected or normal time. To go on resolutely or sturbbornly in spite of opposition, importunity or warning.”

Persevere: ” To persist in a state, enterprise or undertaking in spite of counter influence, opposition or discouragement.”

Pursuing your goal, your dream is going to be tough and there will be a lot of barriers but hang in there, carry on and never give up.

To cushion the effects of the challenges, prepare your mind right from the on start not to give up. It is really going to be tough but prepare to hang in despite odds.

I know of someone that has his own company now. This is a true Nigerian story. He floated the company after having worked with like four reputable international companies. He had always known he will eventually start his company from the scratch. Eventually when he was about to start he got another international job that they were going to pay him in thousands of dollars monthly dollars but he said no. He knew he would be trading out his dreams if he took that job.

Of course he had saved money in preparation for the tough times he expected to face in the begining but nothing prepared him for the challenges he encountered on the way. He ran out of the savings faster than he thought and he had to keep borrowing to pay salaries. As if those were not enough, his house rent expired and he couldn’t afford to pay and had to move into his office apartment to live. He even sold his car and biked, relying on okadas for a long time. He later had to render his services free to some of the companies he proposed to work with just to get their attention.

Today, those tough times are in the past for him. His company has over two hundred employees at the moment, he has non ending flow of projects and has to keep subcontracting them out. He lives in his own house in the rich people’s area in his state. He has fleet of cars and a driver on his payroll to take him anywhere. All these in a span of five years, things were rough for more than 3 years but he persevered, persisted and prayed until things changed.

Today and every other day, keep pushing. Pray, persist and persevere until something happens. PUSH!

Why? You ask? There is someone that has gone through this same phase you are in right now, persevered and emerged as a winner. Your own can’t be different.

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