Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Starting all over again

It happened to me now. I woke up this morning to write a new post. I had written a long article and I really “felt” it. It was titled “Feeling Left Behind”. I spent more than an hour writing and the unexpected happened, an errror occured and my write up got wiped off! Just like that.

I did not know if to cry, scream or smash something. ”Wasted time,wasted efforts” I thought.

I later sat down and reflected, it wasn’t a wasted effort, I have learnt something, you can always start afresh. No matter the failures, no matter the set backs, keep pushing, keep striving, keep working at it till you get the desired result.

Re-submit that proposal, go back for that audition, re-enroll for that examination, go over that plan again, go back to the studio and work on that song again, do anything except sit back and fold your arms. Never accept failure but challenge it and I tell you that success is just around the corner.

This period you are going through is a phase of your life, a scene depicting trouble but don’t worry, another scene is starting where you are going to smile and fun. It is a bend and not an end. The crying will stop and tears will be wiped off your face.

You will still build that house, you will still have children, you can still earn your degree and you will still succeed in that business only if you don’t stop, only if you don’t give up.

I did not write “Feeling Left behind ” now but I can still write it and can still write a better article but I love what I have just written “Starting all over again”.

It is great to know that I am dedicated to writing this new post today and I feel glad that I have written it.


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