Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Take that step, JUST DO IT!

I have always longed to be a writer, a speaker and an author. It is a passion that has been with me for a long time. I dream it, I see it, I live it everyday. I have resigned at two jobs just to follow my heart. Presently I am on a job though.

It has not been an easy task . Guess what? I got discouraged after several failures and attempts but each time I had little success, I have been encouraged to forge ahead.
I have landed on my back several times but still have the courage to rise again.

I still remember my first attempt at public speaking, it was in NYSC camp in Lagos. I was in camp with other corpers, it was a talent show night. I thought I couldn’t sing, couldn’t dance, was not involved in acting. I could as well talk! I felt in me I have been born to talk. I summoned the courage to register my name too that night.
When it was my turn and I was called to come up, I felt jittery wishing the ground to swallow me up. Suddenly all the courage disappeared, I walked unsure of myself to the podium. All eyes were on me, I am sure they were all wondering what I had up my sleeves, a one-man act.

I did what I wanted to do, TALK. I encouraged them to believe in themselves and follow their heart. I did not capture everybody’s attention, some even booed but was so glad I was able to do what I wanted to do. The camp commandant was present and gave a talk after my own “presentation” saying it was great for me to come out and sort of encouraged me and others to do what was in our hearts.

That did it for me. I have spoken in my church several times before the NYSC camp but it had been to a crowd I was familiar with. I have been involved in programmes and conventions but none that was in an unfamiliar territory. That night had been a starting point in my life.

Presently I have not reached the top but I have been paid several times now to talk and facilitate. There was one that I trained senior NYSC officers just 2 years after service!
I still know I am not there yet but I am taking it step by step, living day by day encouraging myself and constantly seeing the BIG PICTURE.

The important thing is the fact that I have started, I have dared to take that first step. I am no longer afraid to go out and talk.

What is that thing you long to do? Start a business? Learn to drive? Get that second degree? Learn a trade? Write that book?

Take a pen and a sheet, write it down and run with it. This is the time to use your heart and not your head. Don’t take the time to think, you have always done that. You have been telling yourself for a long time you can’t do it. I am telling you YOU CAN. Do it and learn from your mistakes. At least you would have learnt what not to do the next time you embark on that project. The irony is that you won’t necessarily fail.

Surround yourself with people that encourage you, that believe you can do it. Read books or listen to tapes. Visit BELLANAIJA.COM and read the “inspired” and “career” sections. Read stories but ensure you motivate yourself anyway you can. Do it not because you want to impress but because you have always wanted to do it.

In all you do, ensure you take that step. JUST DO IT!

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  1. I will just go on and do it. Lovely article