Tuesday, 28 August 2012


Lookin at a friend's DP, I saw a status message which read thus "Yesterday you said you will do it tomorrow. Today, you have not done it, you are saying tomorrow again!"

I really pondered on the words above, relating them to my life.

Trully, I have been carrying over some activities that will really benefit me, delaying doing them because they would take my time. Pure procrastination.

What are you carrying over too? You have been saying you will do it tomorrow and tomorrow just keeps going. List them and do the most unpleasant one first, get it done with and move on to the next item on your list.

I am sure that's the way great achievers carry on. No wonder the greatest individuals are not the most brilliant fellows but people with abilities to follow through their projects without giving in to momentary pleasures.

It's your choice really, you decide if you actually want to follow through those lofty ideas and derive satisfaction from putting them to life and shaping the ideas till they have identity or you just keep delaying, moving them over each day to the next day and suddenly find out you are 70 and time has really gone by.

Let the world celebrate you too, give your self a chance, you really deserve that break so why are you holding yourself back?

Think on this, ponder dwell but take action. Just do it!

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