Friday, 23 November 2012

The Rule to taking advice: Code Eye Operation

Advice most times come without even being solicited. Everyone has something to tell you, they have a bettter way of doing the things you do and they are apt to share it with you.

There is nothing wrong in taking advice but always follow this rule, take advice from those who walk the walk not those who talk the talk. Take advice from an expert on the subject and who is also successful at that thing you want to do. Avoid the "tried it and failed" group.
Anyone successful would have failed at several attempts before eventually suceeding, so they know when to encourage you not to quit, they can feel what you are feeling and they understand what you are going through. Let their hindsight become your foresight.

Let me leave you with this thought, would you go for an eye operation performed by a foot surgeon? Would you go for an eye operation performed by an eye surgeon that has never recorded success in all of his operations?

Think about it.

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