Friday, 23 November 2012

Expand your Horizon, the Toyin Salahdeen Lesson!

Toyin Salahdeen is a big brother I share ideas and thoughts with.

 There was this day we were discussing, I can't remember what exactly, but what I will never forget was him telling me not to limit myself by not spending what I have. He told me to always think of how to make more to accomodate the need I have.

For instance, if I need to buy a car, I should not just restrict myself to buying the tokunbo or second hand, I should also think about what to do to raise money for a brand new one. Such mentality has really helped me. It reeks of motivation, it screams dream bigger. It makes you think deeper and is always an eye opener.

You can also tap into it, always dream big, reach for greater heights and expand your horizon. Dare to leave your comfort zone.


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