Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Easy Ways to Raise that Money You Need, Part I

A lot of youths especially fresh graduates without jobs are always complaining they do not have capital to start businesses they have in mind.

Students complain they don't have enough money to spend in school especially during the Project Semester.

Everybody needs to raise money at one time or the other, for personal projects e.g. to buy a car, to pay for a property, to go on vacation, you get the drift?

In this article, I will be concentrating on how to raise a million naira, N1, 000,000. You can always change the million naira to the amount you need. It works always, you only need to be diligent and see the exercise through.

You will be needing a notebook and a pen for the exercise below


  1. Think, reflect and write down one person's name that can give you a million naira. Whew! Yes, it is possible. Your long time uncle, your grandpa e.t.c.
  2. If you don't have a single person within reach that can give you a million naira, it is still not a far away goal. Let us start the game of breaking down a million naira.
  3. Two people to give you five hundred thousand naira each.
  4. Four people to give you two hundred and fifty thousand each.
  5. Eight people to give you one hundred and twenty five thousand naira each.
  6. 10 people to give you one hundred thosand naira each.
  7. 20 people to give you fifty thousand naira each.
  8. 40 people to give you twenty five thousand naira each.
  9. 100 people to give you ten thousand naira each.
  10. 200 people to give you five thousand naira each.
I will continue on the other ways to raise any kind of cash you need but dwell first on this and see if you can raise that cash you need.
The whole point of the exercise is to first see the goal of raising the money as an achievable task. Imagine you can even raise one million naira by getting Five thousand naira each from certain number of people.
Therefore, raising that money you need is a game of numbers you can always win once your heart is set.

What are you stillwaiting for? Go on and raise that money you need.