Friday, 5 October 2012

The BRT Experience

IOn week days' mornings I normally go to work in Lagos BRTs. If you live on the mainland and work on the island and you don't drive your car to the office you will understand the ease of going in the BRT.

I have had so many experiences riding in the BRT and I will be sharing one of the experiences.

On a particular morning so as to avoid getting late to work, I took "standing" stood as I did not get a seat. I was hoping to get a seat later if some of the passengers seating down alighted at their bus stops.

To be truthful, my expectation was so low as I have not been "lucky" getting seat if I initially stood instead of seating. There was always one passenger beating me to the available seat.

On that fateful day, as the bus approached Stadium bus stop, I noticed a passenger three seats from me pressed the bell to alight. I was initially happy but the happiness did not last as there were four or five people in front of me that had more chance of getting the seat, yet I hoped.

I moved forward like I was about to alight too using the entrance door and so the people in front of me made way for me to pass. Not taking away my eyes off the about-to-be-vacant seat, I purposefully moved forward till I got to the seat. The bus arrived at the bus stop immediately I got to the seat and the passenger that pressed the bell to alight stood up to get down and I had the chance to sit down beating the people with the better chances to the seat.

It looke dso simple. Like the passenger that wanted to alight was waiting for me to get to the seat before standing up from it but I can tell you it was more than luck. It was planning, ability to see ahead, it was strategic positioning for oppurtunity.

Life is not going to wait for you. you have to make yourself available to grab any oppurtunity it's gonna throw your way.

Plan ahead, always think three to five years ahead. Don't be too focused on "now". Look beyond your immediate surrounding, dress beyond your present circumstance. Overall, always prepare to grab the next available seat oppurtunity.


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